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Jo Loves 4I am a massive fan of Jo Malone and more recently I have discovered Jo Loves. As every scent that Jo Malone produces is delicious it came as no surprise that Jo Loves was just as gorgeous! I went to visit the store on Elizabeth Street in London and I immediately fell in love.

The lady walked me through the scents and every time I smelt a new one it then became my favourite!

Jo Loves
I am possibly the worlds most indecisive person but I finally whittled my favourites down to four which I’d love to share with you.

  • Pomelo – Jo’s signature scent and one of the most popular scents from the Jo Loves collection. You’ve just got to love it!
  • No 42 The Flower Shop – This is inspired by when Jo worked in a florist and it smells exactly like walking into one! It’s not overpowering though, just light and fresh.
  • White Rose and Lemon Leaves – This scent made me extremely excited about spring. I promise we won’t all be cold forever; spring is on its way, the sun has started to shine and the daffodils are out and this scent smells exactly like that.
  • Fresh Sweet Peas – A British summer time in a bottle. Light and floral but strong enough to smell it on your skin all day.

Jo Loves 3

This store is like walking into a spa and a must visit in my opinion. I also have the Jo Malone autobiography ‘My Story’ which I can’t wait to read!

Jo Loves 2 Jo Loves1

Thank you for reading

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